About me:

I first got into headphones in 2014, when I bought an Audio-Technica ATH-CKR9 followed by the IM02. I have then since tried or bought various gears, ranging from a 5 dollar earbud to headphones going over three thousand. My key takeaway all these years would be simply, ‘Price does not equate quality”.

In terms of music experience, I have been learning classical piano since 2004. This plays a key role in my significant preference for thick and forward mids, as it also aligns with my preferred playstyle for those 88 keys.

Set up: Full reviews are based on USB > ifi micro idsd black label. Mini-reviews / Coffee Break posts are usually done via a Shanling M0.

Update schedule:

I generally stick to 1 review a week under Audio. The page for links are under Review Archives.

Sound Preference:

Dark with full-bodied mids. This doesn’t mean that I dislike bright iems, as long as they are well-tuned and controlled.

I don’t have a preference for dynamic or balanced armature drivers.


I am relatively treble sensitive. While I can withstand bright iems that are smooth, albeit not my cup of tea, I am not tolerant of peaks which are often glaring to me.

I will attempt to be as unbiased as possible when breaking down the sound, but it will definitely still hold sway over my overall view of a headphone.

Why did I start this:

Honestly, my writing can be wonky and awkward. But I love judging things related to music and reading articles of all types, and thus decided to give blogging a try. In a way, this is like an expanded journal of mine, with an added dose of my second hobby of photography.

Wishing to share my thoughts and insights on various headphones I’ve tried, and perhaps help someone make a better-informed decision, gave rise to Synchrosia.