ikko Audio OH1 Review – Aquamarine


Disclaimer: I own a pair of ikko Audio OH1 as of writing this review. I was not requested in any way to write this.

ikko Audio China

Searching online makes me confused about this. Is it IKKO, Ikko or ikko? And I still am not sure, so I’ll stick with ikko, it spares my shift key.

I had previously written my impressions of this in a coffee break post and came away impressed by what ikko had to offer. It was one of those iems that truly tempted me to purchase one on the spot with its affordable price.

They had since gone on to release the much-hyped ikko OH-10, or also known as Obsidian. While they appear similar on the outside, the OH-1 and OH-10 are very different beasts.

Sound impressions are on the next page, accessible by the jumps below.

Build and Packaging

The iems come in pretty nice packaging, with 2 kinds of tips available. A pouch is provided, though I find it a tad small to comfortably house the iems + cables. I’ll recommend picking up a hard case for transport.

OH-1 is built out of metal and feels extremely solid yet lightweight, unlike its older sibling, the OH-10. You can easily wear this for hours without getting tired.

The design is extremely unique, giving it a sheen that reflects its beautiful blue color under light. However, it does get scratched around the edges easily so care must be taken, especially since the drivers can scratch each other, much like Campfire iems.

As for the cable, let’s just say I had expected better. It feels crumbly in hand and tangles up extremely easily. It gets the job done at the very least, with a color theme that matches the iems for photos. The OH-1 uses 2-pin connectors, so aftermarket swaps won’t be an issue.

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