Noble Audio Sage Review – Evergreen


Disclaimer: I own a pair of Noble Audio Sage as of writing this review, and was not requested in any way to write this.

Noble Audio USA

It would be hard to mistake that bold choice of colour. When I think of glistening green, the Sage is the first iem that will come to mind.

2 years ago, this would have started as a paragraph on how unique it appears and all, but as with all electronics, the Sage has aged. Like the famed K10, the Sage has become a classic of its time with its custom-tuned drivers. Only question is, did it fall off into the void or age like fine wine.

It is always a joy to review iems from the past, as the general trends change over time and sound types differ for better or worse. But enough of that, time to get on with the review.

Sound impressions are on the next page, accessible by the jumps at the bottom of this page.

Build and Packaging

Pardon the lack of sharpness, I couldn’t get the photo with good lighting and had to use slower shutter speed (Evidently I lack stable hands).

The Sage comes with a plethora of accessories. Bands, stickers, pill case etc. Name it and you have it. Way too many to go into detail.

In short, probably one of the best in the industry when it comes to packaging. I can’t think of a better way to put it.

The faceplates are made from machined aluminum, with a lovely scale-like design and clear cut logos. Unlike how other brands inlay their logos onto the plate, Noble has their crown carved right into it.

The shape might be a lil odd and sticks out, but in terms of build quality, it is no doubt a 10/10. Solid in hand yet light enough to wear for hours.

Besides the regular green, there are special editions available on Noble’s site as well. Those have different materials for the faceplate and are designed by Wizard.

Moving on to sound impressions here, or use the jumps below.

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