Hyla Audio LA-1 Nerva X Review – Moonlight


Disclaimer: I own a pair of Hyla LA-1 Nerva X myself as of writing this review, and was not requested in any way to write this

Hyla Audio Japan

This brand is relatively new, having been set-up only on 12th November 2017. It is supervised under Hbino Intersound Co., Ltd. and has its products co-engineered with them. The brand operator is Cyrus Co., Ltd.

When the Hyla CE-5 was released, it easily shot to popularity. It made use of piezoelectric ceramic super tweeters to produce the highs, and I must say, it certainly left an impression on me when I tried it back in my coffee break review.

Though something left an even deeper impression on me. While surfing the web, I ran across an oddly outrageous yet elegant design. Silver housing for an iem. Yes, you heard me right. Good to goodness jewelry grade 925 silver (Sterling silver) used for crafting the housing.

The only thing that left me even more curious is the limited numbers made, but tragically that is one question left unanswered as they never revealed it on their website.

Packing 10 drivers per side, utilising special vented Balanced Armature drivers and housed in that beauty of a shell that exudes quiet elegance, is none other than the Hyla LA-1 Nerva X. For the simplicity of reviewing, I’ll be calling it the Nerva X.

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Build and Packaging

The Nerva X comes in the same packaging as the CE-5. A cardboard box with a velvety cloth within. Simple but not really fitting of a silver iem. Something more eyecatching like a wood case would perhaps be a better fit.

Nonetheless, it still gets the job done, and comes with a plethora of tips to go with the Nerva X.

The pouch is a little special, with separate compartments for you to keep the iems separately. This is because the iems are made of Sterling Silver, and will scratch each other easily even with a light amount of force.

When I found out it was Sterling Silver, I honestly didn’t trust so until I saw it with my own eyes. Good to honest reflections with the minute scratches that accumulate over time, that is honest to goodness Jewellery Grade silver.

Really dense and solid in hand, the craftsmanship is excellent, befitting of an iem that costs a jaw-dropping 2.7k.

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