TFZ Secret Garden Review – Break Of Dawn

Break Of Dawn

Disclaimer: I own a pair of TFZ Secret Garden as of this review, and was not requested in any way to write this.

The Fragrant Zither China

I honestly find it difficult to keep up with Chi-fi releases. With high refresh rates and new lines popping up, the choices are endless. TFZ’s previous release, the King, had garnered many positive reviews and went on to have a few more iterations. The Secret Garden was targeted at a slightly higher priced market but remains comfortably in an affordable territory at under 200 dollars.

All I could think of when I saw the exquisite shell and interesting design was whether it would sound as good as it does.

The sound review is on the next page, accessible at the bottom of this page.

Build and Packaging

For under 200, this has to be one of the best builds and design I’ve seen to date. A 3D “Custom” shell that is smaller than usual, such as the Fiio FA7, provides a really snug fit without pressing onto the upper area of the ear.

The iems do feel solid yet light, with a sleek glossy finish on the shell and a metallic faceplate. It has the premium touch to it and has the vent placed squarely on top instead of being on the faceplate. While that position looks better in my opinion, I do find it an issue when trying to fit the iems into my ears due to my grip on the sides which covers the vents and at times results in driver flexes.

The TFZ does come with a tidy package along with a white hard case with TFZ and “Secret Garden” printed on it. An array of tips are included including a pair of complies.

As a whole, the accessories given are good for its price. The cable leaves some to be desired but is noticeably better than competitors such as KZ cables which tangles extremely easily.

Sound impressions on the next page here, or use the jumps below.

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