Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered Review – Equilibrium


Disclaimer: I own a pair of Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered as of writing this review, and was not requested in any way to write this review.

Ultimate Ears USA

Ultimate Ears was started by Mindy and Jerry Harvey in 1995, the latter who also founded Jerry Harvey Audio, which made the iconic JH Audio Roxannes. Ultimate Ears was later acquired by Logitech in August 2008, and now operates as a subsidiary.

The UERR is the 2nd version of the well known Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors (UERM), the latter which was a neutral benchmark. Before I continue, do note that the build of my pair is not done by UE themselves, but rather by a 3rd party-resheller who goes by Fatfreq on Instagram.

Skip to sound on the 2nd page at the bottom of this page.


As I only have the original box without any of the accessories, I’ll simply comment on the package it comes in.

The box is quite standard, reminding me of the UE900s packaging.

UE did provide a nice touch with fully coloured booklets, a nice diversion just a regular instruction manuals that other brands usually provide.

It supposedly comes with a round UE case given the indention in the box. I didn’t get one with mine as mine was 2nd-hand and the original owner didn’t include it. There can be a name etched onto the case when you purchase it new from UE if requested as far as I know.

With that aside, move on the next page for sound impressions here, or use the jumps below.

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