QDC Gemini Review – Starlight


Disclaimer: I own a pair of Geminis and was not requested in any way to write this review

QDC China

A brand that has produced various great iems across different price ranges. The 4SS offers great mid-tier performance, while the Neptune comes in as a strong entry tier. However, their top-end was what captured my attention during the 2019 Canjam in Singapore.

The Gemini was the former flagship before it was superseded by the Anole VX. Having tried all the 3 8-BA series as well as the Gemini and Anole VX, I ended up preferring the Geminis. Not that I disliked the others; they were all great, but I didn’t use the switches on Anole VX enough to justify the higher price commanded.

Enough with the introduction. Sound impressions are on the next page, accessible by the jump at the bottom of the page.

Build and Packaging

Well firstly, I do not have the box. I still have the accessories, however (minus tips). Most notable would be the orange case with the velvet insides. It is a questionable choice of color, but I find it fun and refreshing as most other high-end iems utilise grey or black cases.

The stock cable is soft and coils easily with little resistance. Termination-wise it still uses the 2-pin but is protruded on the shells. You can use your regular 2-pins, but there is a higher risk of bending.

Anyway the stock cable pairs well with the Gemini, so I do not find it much of an issue.

The build quality of the Gemini is solid. There is a line that runs through the inside of the shell, which I believe is due to the filling of the shell. The shell may be large, but due to the sculpted shape provides good ergonomics and sealing. The insides are filled with acrylic, giving it a weighty feel.

Go on to sound impressions on the next page here or use the jumps below.

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