Jerry Harvey Audio Roxanne V1 Review – Legato


Disclaimer: I personally own a unit as of writing, and am writing this based on my own impressions. I was not requested in any way to write this review.

Jerry Harvey Audio USA

It was interesting to read that JH audio actually started from custom in-ear aviation communication devices, a line that was discontinued in 2010.

The Layla is the current flagship model, the most recent of which is version 3. One thing I find great about JH audio is that they focus on improving previous units rather than simply churning out new flagship models. It has been years and Laylas remain as the flagship, with only the Lolas joining in the high-end series at the same price point as the latest Roxannes.

While I haven’t had the chance to audition them yet as of writing this, I managed to snag a pair of Roxanne v1, aka the carbon fiber version.

Sound impressions on the next page, the jump can be found at the bottom of the page.

Build and Packaging

The box comes with a print and has a flap lid to access the items in it.

As mine isn’t the pre-order version, it comes with the round case instead of the rectangular one. While it definitely feels solid, I can’t help but feel that it will get scratched easily.

It also comes with a screwdriver for adjusting the bass ports. Mine came with an assortment of spin fits.

The cable is well-built and does not tangle as easily as it appears to be. Note that it runs the special 4-pin cable due to the use of a bass-port.

As for the shells, they have a beautiful carbon fiber faceplate that gives it a lovely sheen, contrasting with the words and logos. Material-wise they are well-built, though the area around the nozzle can feel too brittle for comfort when the wire isn’t attached.

A pretty simple package, nothing out of the ordinary other than the art on the cover. I do like how it is relatively compact and easy to keep.

Sound impressions on next page here or use jumps below.

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