Custom Art Harmony 8.2 Review – Winter Bonfire

Winter Bonfire

Disclaimer: I own a pair of CustomArt Harmony 8.2, and was not requested in any way to write this review.

Custom Art Poland

A company that recently celebrated its 7th anniversary, Custom Art is certainly a success in the audio community. Their use of FIBAE technology in newer releases allows for the sound signature to be kept constant despite changes in output.

The Harmony 8.2 may even appear old school against these new releases, such as FIBAE Black or FIBAE 4 which were well-received. While the sole flagship previously, it is now the co-flagship alongside the FIBAE 7.

Unlike my regular full-reviews where I include packaging, I did not get my Harmony 8.2 brand new and instead had it reshelled from a 2nd-hand custom. As such, I would instead review the build quality and design.

Sound impressions are on the 2nd page, the jump is at the bottom of this page.

Build and Design

Custom Art have their own unique universal shell which is really tiny. The nozzle protrudes out a nice amount, allowing for a solid seal despite it being universals. Possibly on par with some customs.

As for build quality, it is built with a smooth finish and feels solid. So top class here.

I owe many thanks to the team at CustomArt for putting up with my endless requests when it came to the design. They took what I asked for, and created a design that I didn’t even know I wanted. Simply put, I was completely blown away.

Flipped them around for the photo. Driver with gears is the right iem.

A winter theme, where it seems “Frozen in Time”. That was the gist of what I asked for, alongside many micro-changes to even the shells themselves. Well, the pictures speak for themselves.

Well, personally I’m a sucker for winter designs. But this takes it to a whole new level.

But before I forget, sound impressions are on the next page. Click here or use the jumps below to move on.

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