AAW W900 Review – Lost Legend

Lost Legend

Disclaimer: I own a pair of AAW W900 myself, and was not requested in any way to write this review. It was purchased during the demo sale in June 2019.

Advanced AcousticWerkes Singapore

Based in the tropical island Singapore, AAW has grown quite a following since it was formed in 2014. Their in-house sound is unique and noticeably different from other brands, often using hybrid systems. They have some miniature planar magnetic iems and electro-static driver systems which are great in their own rights as well.

The W900 was the previous flagship of the W-lineup and has now been replaced by the Mockingbird in the new line-up, where the Canary is the flagship model.

As my unit isn’t a retail unit but a refurbished demo unit, it will come with most accessories save for the retail box.

Read on for build and packaging. If you like to skip to sound impressions, you can do so here.

Build and Packaging

Everything came neatly packed into a small container with AAW embossed on it. All the accessories (right) fit snugly, albeit a little tight. Remember that there are still the drivers.

The contents were standard. Spare tips, cable and cleaning tool plus the drivers of course. Mine only came with an ethos cable as I didn’t opt for an upgrade or extra cable.

As for the craftsmanship, I must say I am highly impressed. While the left driver (left picture) was clean and mystical with the unique shades of blue, the right faceplate left me speechless. A mix of solid wood (or something wood-like) with red-transparent swirls gave it a fantastical look, reminding me of lava lamps. No bubbles and the joint is clean, a sign of good craftsmanship.

Sound impressions on the next page here or use the jumps below.

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