Moondrop ShiroYuki Review – Purity


Disclaimer: I own a pair of Moondrop ShiroYuki earbuds myself, and was not requested in any way to write this review.

Moondrop China

One of the leaders when it comes to Chi-fi, Moondrop has released some great offerings to date. The Blessing and A8 are two to speak of, with the Blessing being possibly the closest to the Harman Target curve to date.

However, those sit high-up in the mid to upper tier price range. Even the Kanas goes above a hundred. While I did have good impressions of the Moondrop Blessing which I previously reviewed, I became interested when I came across the Moondrop ShiroYuki during my aimless surfing on Aliexpress.

But hey, aren’t earbuds supposedly cheap goods? Poor isolation? Weak bass? Well yes, many earbuds are. But just like how there are poorly tuned iems, there are also well-tuned earbuds.

The ShiroYuki proves that point pretty well.

Continue reading for build and packaging, or skip to sound impressions here

Build and Packaging

As per most chi-fi brands, the budget range comes with basic necessities. Box, spare tips and the earphones itself. Pretty basic, though having a metal case is welcome and the cloth is a bonus.

Everything looks clean and tidy, which I personally find satisfying to unbox and unravel the little secret hidden; the earphones itself.

If you own a pair of Venture Electronics Monks, then this design would look familiar to you. Or rather, almost every other earbud take on the same design anyways.

The ShiroYuki comes in, as expected, only clear. A clear shell and a white cable, reflecting its name which directly translates to “White Snow”. An opaque white shell would be great, but being able to see the insides is also a nice bonus.

For something that cost under 15 dollars, I would say that the Moondrop ShiroYuki does well in this department. And it is so pretty to look at.

Well, moving on to sound impressions on the next page (or use the jumps below).

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