Campfire Audio Comet Review – Luminescent


Disclaimer: I am writing a review of the Campfire Audio Comet based on my personal impressions. I own a pair myself and was not requested to write this in any way.

Campfire Audio USA

A premium brand in the audiophile industry. Campfire Audio had released iems spanning a wide price range, though mostly resided in the mid-tier to the top end where Solaris, Atlas, and Equinox are. The Comet is an interesting addition, packing a single balanced armature and coming in at an entry-price range.

As for whether the Comet performs well or provides a subpar performance, read on to find out!

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Build and Packaging

The box differs from the usual design, featuring a picture of the Comet rather than the usual colored background. It comes with a soft case which is well-built and just the right size to keep the Comets safe.

The Comet also comes packed with a large variety of tips, and a tiny pouch. I haven’t exactly figured out the purpose of the pouch, as it is too small to fit the Comets in. Perhaps to carry spare tips around?

I didn’t get spinfits with mine but did get some final type-E earbuds. Honestly, both will work well either way, and they are readily available in the aftermarket at a cheap price. Plus the array of ear tips is pretty good regardless.

The spinfits used in the photos were bought on the aftermarket.

Last but not least, the build of the Comet itself. Simply put, really solid and beautifully finished. It radiates luxury like the other Campfire iems, and is significantly easier to fit than the wider Atlas. As for weight, the Comet does feel quite dense, but due to its relatively small size ends up being light enough to comfortably to wear for long hours.

All in all, a good array of accessories with the great build quality. Campfire may have released an entry-level iem but sure didn’t skip out on the packaging quality.

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