Mini Review – ikko Audio OH-10

Disclaimer: I do not own the unit, and am writing this review based on the demo unit that I tried at Zeppelin and Co. I was not requested in any way to write this review.

ikko Audio China

A mini-review will focus on simply the sound of the earphone. It is definitely more stomachable, and I may or may not own the earphone for the review.

ikko previously released the OH-1, which I had lightly reviewed here. In short, the OH-1 was pleasant and smooth sounding without getting boring. A great release that made me really look forward to demoing the OH-10 when it was released. The OH-10 also runs a two-driver set-up like the OH-1, using a Knowles 33518 and a 10mm polymer titanium diaphragm dynamic.


The bass was simply incredible. Both quantity and quality are great, with good extension and rumbling. The sub-bass is prominent and not overshadowed, giving the OH-10 great low-end presence. It feels more forward and bold while retaining the accuracy of the OH-1, and feels more addicting.

Some bleeding into mids was present, however, and despite having good resolving capabilities, the OH-10 couldn’t avoid turning congested in the lower-end when it gets complicated.

Tea time, and a nice colour match


Crisp and slightly forward with intimate vocals. There is a lift in the lower and upper-mid, making it sound fun. While there is great clarity, it does feel recessed at certain parts in the middle, but not to the extent that it feels lacking.

As one who prefers forward and lush mids, the OH-10 falls just short of hitting the spot but still does a decent job nonetheless.


The part that split my thoughts into two. The treble is noticeably lifted and aggressive, pushing the energy and sparkle to the limit while avoiding harsh peakiness.

Personally, the treble felt overbearing for me. It fills the entire headroom effortlessly, bearing down quite a bit on the upper-mids and overshadowing it. The sibilance shows itself at times.

Yet, on the other hand, the energy, clarity, and space the treble get end up making the OH-10 fun to listen to. Oddly enough, the treble was what I missed later that day when I got back to my dailies. The texture and tonality are simply that incredible on the OH-10.


The OH-10 is aggressive in the bass and treble, and technically more superior to the OH-1 when it comes to areas like detail retrieval and decay speed. The bright nature of the OH-10 makes fatigue set in easily, contrasted to the relaxed and smooth OH-1, but provides lots of fun till it does. The more V-shaped nature of the OH-10 is an evident opposite of the mid-focused OH-1 (from 1.5k – 4k Hz).

It is hard to compare the OH-1 and OH-10, as they essentially serve different purposes; comparing them is like comparing apples to oranges. The OH-1 is geared towards those who prefer a mid-oriented sound that is more laid-back, while the OH-10 gives a unique take on the V-shape sound signature with amazing treble timbre.

While I still see myself preferring the OH-1 in more situations than the OH-10, I end up missing the OH-10’s character more than the OH-1.

All in all, a pretty good release from ikko worth listening to, and while it isn’t impeccable, it is still fun and engaging.

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