CCA C16 Review – Numbers


Disclaimer: I am writing a review of the CCA C16 based on my personal impressions. I own a pair myself and was not requested to write this in any way.

Clear Concept Audio China

The brand CCA isn’t a standalone company. Instead, it was branched out from Knowledge Zenith, forming a brand targeted at a slightly higher price range. It is a subsidiary of Knowledge Zenith currently. While the KZ, AS and BA series has largely kept to under 100, with only the AS16 exceeding it currently, the CCA C16 was the only one to push the limits previously, bordering on 100.

I won’t repeat the background of KZ here, if you like to know, you can find it under my review for the KZ ZS10 Pro.

If you already know what is the packaging for the KZ ZS10 Pro, feel free to skip to sound impressions here as they are virtually the same.

Build and Packaging

A tiny package, similar to the KZ series. The simple white box that is compact and gets the job done. Honestly, I really the clean and simple design satisfying to look at.

It comes with basic accessories; an assortment of tips and a cable. While I find this alright with the lower-end KZ series, it does feel a little underwhelming for the CCA.

At the very least they could have provided a better cable I guess?

The build of the iems is exceptional. A metal faceplate and solid plastic body sit flush together. Again, the connectors mean that you are stuck using the stock cable, as most aftermarket cables with the protruding 2pin on the connectors will break easily.

All in all, an acceptable package that can be better, given the price range of the CCA C16. But I’ll reiterate; the build itself is honestly really good.

Sound impressions on the next page here

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