Macaw GT600s Pro Review – Jack of All Trades

Jack of All Trades

Disclaimer: I am writing a review of the Macaw GT600s Pro based on my personal impressions. I own a pair myself and was not requested to write this in any way.

Macaw Acoustics Science and Technology Ltd China

I’m just going to call it Macaw, which is the sub-brand. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, the company has released to date quite a few models. The different models are within the budget range, providing good price-to-performance.

As I didn’t get to listen to their previous model, the GT100s, I’ll be reviewing this unit as a standalone with comparisons to other brands.

I became interested in the GT600s Pro admittedly due to its filters. A metal housing with metal filters for under a hundred was too much for me to hold back.

Enough with the rambles, time to get on with the review. You can choose to read on for build and packaging or skip to sound impressions here.

Build and Packaging

The joys when I realised I can put photos into galleries. But anyways, onto the build and packaging.

The Macaw GT600s Pro comes in a neat package that opens by pulling the tab up. I tried to force open the top, thinking it was a flap, and nearly ripped the tab off. Please don’t repeat what I did.

Removing the top sheet of paper reveals a neat layout (left). It comes with a standard 3 pairs of silicon tips of each size, plus two pairs of complies. The filters are fitted snug in the foam. The iems sit in a separate piece of foam.

Under the flap, the cable is neatly coiled as well as another black box (middle). Opening the box reveals instructions for filters as well as aligning the left and right for cable connectors, plus a case wrapped up.

In short, simple and neat. Fun fact, there is a hole on the connectors for the blind to be able to tell left from right. A gesture that I find heartwarming.

The iems themselves are build out of metal, with a nice weight to them. They are scratch resistant, though prone to having fingerprint marks on them. Nothing that a quick wipe wouldn’t get rid of.

The filters are build out of metal as well, with rubber rings below to help seal and lock it tightly in place. Other than worrying about the rings falling out, the overall build is excellent and definitely doesn’t look budget.

All in all, the Macaw GT600s Pro gives great packaging and build at its price. I’d be hard-pressed to find better at this price point.

Sound impressions on the next page here, or use the jumps below.

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