NuForce HEM8 Review – Black Onyx

Black Onyx

Disclaimer: I am writing a review of the NuForce Hem8 based on my personal impressions. I own a pair myself and was not requested to write this in any way.

Optoma NuForce USA

Optoma acquired NuForce back in 2014. The Hem series was released after the acquisition and was debuted in 2016. The number corresponds to the total number of BA drivers (e.g. Hem2 has 1 per side).

It has been approximately 2 years since the Hem8 (Why can’t it be Hem 8?) was released and became the new flagship of NuForce. While the Primo 8 received extremely polarising reviews, the Hem8 saw far less debate.

There are many new releases within the past 2 years, with many new companies joining in the brawl within this price range. Whether or not the Hem8 can still hold its place now, read on to find out.

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Build and Packaging

The Hem8 comes packed in a simple box. Nothing flashy and in matte black.

As for accessories, the NuForce Hem8 provides a whole range. A case solid as a brick nests a soft pouch with the drivers. Please don’t throw it at people; the warranty doesn’t cover injuries.

By some clever packing and compression magic, every single accessory, from cables to tips and a quarter-inch converter, fits inside that soft pouch.

Yep, two cables to boot. One with mic and one twisted cable without mic. I couldn’t squeeze them back in without contorting some of the accessories.

The drivers itself are built out of plastic, with a nice smooth finish in matte black. It does look a little cheap, but it is very well built and does not suffer from flaking, a big issue with the primo 8. Plus it is really light and ergonomic, fitting snug inside ears easily.

White for left and yellow for right

All in all, the NuForce Hem8 basically covered all grounds in terms of packaging, not leaving much to be desired.

Note that the NuForce Hem8 has thin nozzles, and requires tips with really small bores like the W series of Westone if you wish to use your own tips. The CP800 spinfits work if you do not have spare Westone tips.

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