Tin Audio T2 Review – Fun Neutrality

Fun Neutrality

Disclaimer: I am writing a review of the Tin Hifi T2 based on my personal impressions. I own a pair myself and was not requested to write this in any way.

Tin Audio China

Cheap and unbearable earpieces are still common. However, there is a growing breed of earphones that remain in double digits (or single) that are starting to sound decent. In some cases, pretty good.

Tin Audio is a company based in China, releasing the T2 and T2 pro both under a hundred. Both went around the audio world, receiving mostly positive comments regarding their sound (besides the sibilance of the T2 pro).

You can skip to sound impressions on the next page here.

Packaging and build

The T2 came into the collection when my IM02’s cable finally died on me. T2 can be used either straight down or over-ear (just swap the cable L/R), a straight up plus point for a daily. Plus it just looks so good in that metal housing.

Actual colour is slightly duller, just some lighting here

The T2 comes packed in a simple package. A dark blue box with “Tin Hifi” embossed neatly gives it a touch of elegance.

Simply pretty to look at (again, colour is slightly duller in reality)

The package includes the usual instruction manual as well as an assortment of tips. There is only 1 pair of blue tips, which I personally find too soft. But they are great for photos.

Basically, lots of tips

I’ll have to point out first though, that the stock cable is really lackluster. It tangles easily and feels flimsy. But at least it works, so I’ll live with it.

Sound impressions on next page

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