Denon AH-D7200 Review – The Natural

The Natural

Disclaimer: I am writing a review of the Denon AH-D7200 based on my personal impressions. I own a pair myself and was not requested to write this in any way.

Denon Japan

Founded in 1910, Denon has a pretty complicated past. With various mergers and tie-ins, even the name itself has been changed a few times, with the brand Denon being established in 1947.

The company had released some great audio systems as well as portable audio. The AH-MM400 is a strong performer at its price range, and the AH-D9200 now sits at the peak, replacing the AH-D7200 as the flagship.

However, at slightly less than two-thirds the price of the D9200, the D7200 remains competitive still.

You can skip to sound impressions on the next page here.

Build and packaging

I picked up my pair at Japan in 2017. It was by chance, as I had originally considered picking up an Audio-Technica Raffinato at the steep discount it was at. But fitting issues led to me looking at other choices, and I ended up with the AH-D7200, Denon’s flagship at that time.

Straightforward packaging

The package is plain and straightforward. But they could have provided an additional shorter cable for portable use since it does perform well on portable sources (more on that later).

The stock copper cable is of solid quality and has an overall premium feel. I’ll recommend grabbing a simple case to keep it in unless you plan to constantly return it to the box. The cable sheath can get caught on velcro and frays easily.

The walnut cups are a real beauty, making it feel luxurious. The side-extensions are stable and come with numberings to remember which size you last used. It is a nice touch that I end up using many times. The earcups can’t do a 90 degrees swivel but can swivel a smaller amount to accommodate head sizes and shapes.

The clamp is just right, more secure than the Raffinato but not head-crushing like the Massdrop HD-6XX.

But regardless of how great it looks, it is still up to how it sounds.
Spoilers: It didn’t disappoint

Sound impressions on the next page

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