Moondrop Blessing Review – One For All

One For All

Moondrop China

Disclaimer: I am writing a review on the Moondrop Blessing based on my own experience. I had previously owned a set and am not requested to write this review in any way.

Brands from China have been picking recently. Toneking came out with the T88k, Fearless has the S6 Rui and so on. There is however an issue which plagues many of them; too bright. This can be real frustrating, as some of them have great technicalities and potential, only to be dragged down by causing too much fatigue.

Moondrop is a company based in China, and have previously released the Kanas Pro which garnered many positive reviews. The Moondrop Blessing is relatively new and is meant to achieve the Harman Target Curve.

If you are here just to know whether it managed to achieve the Harman Target Curve, I’ll save you the time. It is probably the closest so far to it, with only the Moondrop A8 besting it in technicalities but also costing nearly twice as much.

You can skip to sound impressions on the next page here.

Build and Packaging

Well, the first thing that struck me was without a doubt, the packaging. It is really intricate and feels unique.

Do forgive the stains on the table, I didn’t clean the stains from refilling my pens at that time yet

It screams beauty from the interlocking system of the box, with the Chinese name engraved along with its English version.

The iems are like tiny artworks. While there exists different versions of its faceplate, I personally find the original version to be the best, but it is subjective.

It does come with 2 pouches and the usual packet of earbuds. However, the stock wires were a letdown. I’m not even going to mince my words here. I think even the Tin Audio’s T2 stock cable was better, and it was bad enough.

If you have a spare cable lying around, now is the time to use it.

Sound impressions on the next page

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